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    • On October 16th, 2019 in the HK PolyU Auditorium, Patrick Carels, the chairman of CDM Group, gave a technical presentation to an audience composed of expert members of The Hong Kong Institute of Acoustics (HKIOA). He talked about Quiet Building Technology focused on how to combine structural stability and stringent acoustic performance needs.
    • Architectural Acoustics is grateful to have Wing Tai Properties Limited, DLN Architects Limited, Ramboll Hong Kong Limited and Paul Y. Engineering Group Limited to visit our Acoustics Windows Testing Facility at Jiangmen Acoustics Testing Centre for the TMTL 523 project. The site visit was held on November 05 (Tuesday) to understand the operations of the latest Acoustics Windows Test.


    Architectural Acoustics strives to provide acoustics products of high quality and efficacy. To achieve this, we follow a strict product verification process and consistently conduct product research to increase product technical competitiveness. Research includes sound absorption test, sound insulation test, rain impact test, sound diffusion, silencer, etc. HOKLAS test certificate will be issued by independent third party Acoustic Testing Services Ltd “ATSL”.
    In 2017, AA celebrated the grand opening of the Acoustics Windows & Curtain Wall Testing Facility, fulfilling the market need for curtain wall and acoustics windows testing. Open to the industry, the laboratory occupies a total area of approximately ...

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